1. Swedish
    If you just ask for a massage, it’s probably what you’re getting. Expect long, gentle, soothing strokes—and general relaxation. Its hallmark is improved circulation. The therapist will use her hands and fingertips and not push too hard (unless you like a lot of pressure).
  2. Deep Tissue (Sports Massage)
    It’s more intense than Swedish—and it’s not just for athletes. The therapist targets the muscles and ten-dons just under the skin and the deeper ones by using more pressure from her fingertips. Stretches may be included.
  3. Trigger Point Therapy (Myotherapy)
    Ask for this type when specific areas of the body are supertense—say, when you have knots in your shoulders. The therapist might press her thumb (or knuckle or elbow) deep into the knot in hopes of releasing it.
  4. Shiatsu
    Shiatsu is another style of Asian bodywork that generally takes place fully clothed on a mat on the floor. It was developed in Japan and uses finger pressure (sometimes a little intense!) to restore the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.
  5. Reflexology
    Love to have your feet rubbed? The therapist works primarily on your feet, stimulating reflex points in the feet, hand and ears to promotes health in that organ via the body’s energetic pathways. When done by a skilled practitioner, reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body.


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