A simple massage could keep you from getting sick

Massages are a great way to release tension and stress and promote relaxation. But a new study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has revealed for the…

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Relieve aches and pains with essential oils

(NaturalNews) There are many essential oils extracted from plants, trees and flowers that contain powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic and detoxifying properties. These can bring pain relief to the muscle spasms and…

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The Difference Between Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage As the name implies, this type of massage originated in Sweden in 1812. Physiologist Henri Peter Ling, working at the University of Stockholm, developed the technique using known…

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8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Regular Massage

1. Posture gradually improves as the muscles around the spine become more flexible and less tense. 2. Circulation is encouraged, which is good for muscle recovery and healing 3. Massage…

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10 Benefits of Reflexology

1. Relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain 2. Alleviate migraine, headache and chronic sinusitis 3. Promote weight loss 4. Reduce premenstrual syndrome pain for women 5. Improve sleep quality

10 Most Popular Types of Massage Which Massage Is Right For You?

1) Swedish Massage Therapy This is the most common type of massage. It is also known as Swedish massage.

How Can Massage Help My Health and Well-being?

Organic Oil

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Skin?

Coconut oil is a unique substance, a plant-based oil that is solid and white at room temperature, but melts into a clear oil with just a couple degrees of warmth.
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