Corporate Massage

As an employer you value your staff, of course you do, but do they know that? Although it is a little over the top to heap lavish praise on a daily basis, actions do certainly speak louder than words and knowing that you value them enough to arrange corporate massage sessions on a regular booking will let them know you really care. The stress levels are definitely decreased during the visit but the feeling of well being following a corporate chair massage will carry on long afterwards – there is something about the caring touch of the treatment that makes a member of staff feel very valued and this feeling lasts long after the visit is over.



Corporate Chair Massage Service

With our corporate massage service you can be assured that we are able to help companies whose employees spend most of their days sat at their desks, the risk of repetitive strain is very worrying but apart from that there is increased tension in necks and shoulders as well as pains in the lower back and hips from sitting in a bad posture. With corporate chair massage we can make a difference in just  ten minute by reducing the stress in the muscles and alerting staff to the fact that they are perhaps putting their bodies under unnecessary stress. The therapist will be able to pinpoint problem areas and, once alerted, staff can take steps to making sure that they don’t let the tension build up in future. If you as a manager have noticed that productivity drops off towards the end of the day, you will almost certainly see an improvement when regular office massages are being provided for staff.



Our Corporate Massage Service includes: 

  • Massage at work
  • Massage at your desk
  • Regular clinic massage
  • One off event massage
  • Team events massage
  • Chair massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology



The Benefits for your Company

– Build individual and organisational resilience in an ever-changing business environment.

– Enhance your workforce’s ability to deal with change and combat adversity.

– Embed a well-being mentality and improve performance and productivity.

– Reduce resources lost to absence, stress and staff turnover.



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